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Pest & Bird Control Solutions in North London and Hertfordshire

Bird Control Systems / Bird Traps

These are normally used for trapping Feral Pigeons, House Sparrows and Magpies using the appropriate traps. The Feral Pigeon Trap is made from 50mm square galvanised weldmesh. The trapped birds are removed through two roof doors.

The Sparrow Trap is made from 19mm square weldmesh with two one-way entrance tunnels leading into the principal trapping section.

The Magpie trap is a three part one, consisting of two trap compartments and a central cage to hold a "call bird". The trap is made from 75mm x 25mm galvanised weld mesh, with a galvanised steel plate on the roof of the call bird section.

These traps are used when there are a large number of birds gathering in one particular area. The traps are pre-baited to get the birds to feed in that spot before being turned over to trap them when they come to feed again.

Pigeon and Urban Bird Trapping in North London and Herts

Rat Control Systems / Poison

Poison Pellets: These versatile pellets can be used indoors and out. Find out where the rodents are living look for regular runs between feeding and resting places. For example roofs, hollow walls, under flooring, in drains, in rough grass etc... Aim to place the pellets on or near those runs, where rodents will not be disturbed while feeding.

Wax Blocks: Wax Blocks are an anticoagulant rodenticide containing difenacoum - a second generation compound that has proven its effectiveness against all types of rodents for over 15 years throughout Europe. The blocks can be used indoors and out and are suitable for use in homes, factories, food storage facilities, restaurants etc...

They are most effective when secured in sheltered positions. Familiarity with the bait will encourage the rats to eat. Both the above products are also very effective against mice.

Rat Poison Wax Blocks

Mouse Control Systems / Poison

Mouse Tube: Mice are naturally inquisitive creatures which enjoy investigating new objects and running into small holes and pipes. This tube is designed with this characteristic in mind. As the mice pass through the tube they brush against two wicks which deposit a poison on to there fur which is ingested during grooming. This method of controlling mice can be used effectively in all treatment programmes. It is particularly useful when conventional materials such as rodenticide baits and contact dusts are inappropriate.

Bait Boxes: Boxes such as the one shown below are placed in and around the infested sites, normally along the wall floor junction on the inside of a building. Because Mice are interested in new objects it is a good idea to move the boxes from time to time to keep them interested.

Insect Control Products

Polminor Duster: A hand held bellows duster designed to give an even output and controlled rate of application. (Used for Crawling & Flying insects like ants & Wasps).

Dustick: Heavy duty brass pump, adjusts from 2-18ft in 4ft sections. Minimises use of ladders & reduces the risk of injury. (Mainly used to reach Wasps Nests).

Pneumatic Sprayer: This is a professional sprayer adapted specifically for pest control. High pressure spray gets in all the places insects hide. (Mainly used for crawling insects like ants, fleas & cockroches.

Electronic Fly Killer: These cost effective fly control units are ideal for large areas such as commercial kitchens, supermarkets, factories & corridors. (Used to attract flying insects).

Insecticide Products

  • Ready to Use Powders & Dusts for wide range of insect pests
  • Wettable Powders for long lasting control of crawling & flying insects
  • Liquid Concentrates for control of cockroaches & other crawling insects
  • Ultra low Volume (ULV) Formulations for control of flying & crawling insects idoors & outdoors
  • Insect Baits for ants, cockroache & fly control, baits come as gel based, granular based, spray or paint based
Insecticide using a Pneumatic Sprayer

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